Magic Carpet Ride Part 2

Well its been a while since my last update, I have been busy trying to get as much done to the van asĀ possibleĀ in the short time I have with work and the weather getting in the way. Also my right hand man has decided to go off on Holiday for two weeks, alright for some. Anyway, since my last post we been doing a lot of trim work, carpeting plywood panels and other bits of the van. We have put part of the ceiling back up, all the insulation is back in and I have put in the BBQ gas outlet and the Satellite inlet points. I have a little bit of carpet to do around the sliding door as you can see in the pictures below. The other places where there is no carpet on the walls will be behind other things like the kitchen unit and the bathroom. Also, we also notice the large roof light was leaking a bit like the small one had so I removed it and completely resealed it using butyl rubber sealant and PVC shims which appears to have fixed the problem as we’ve seen no leaks yet and it has been raining a lot.

Quick update: Today I trimmed around the door at started putting the front ceiling up then it started raining again. It looks good though so tomorrow, weather permitting, I will finish the front ceiling and maybe make a start on the final bit of carpeting above the cab. It’s not a necessity but as I have a bit of carpet left it will just finish that area off.