You put your left seat in, you take your left seat out…

Steve and I tackled the Split Charge Electrics today. This involved taking both seats out to run the wires under the floor padding which we had to channel out in places. Once we had the wires where we wanted them we put both seats back in, then discovered that we had forgotten one wire and had to take the passenger seat out again.  Once we got the wire run we thought about whether there was anything else we had forgotten and decided there wasn’t so we put the seat back in. A couple minute later we realised we had forgotten another wire so out the seat came again.  After playing the hokey cokey with the seats we got all the relays and fuses attached to a bit of ply which we had cut and painted to attach to the back of the passenger seat frame.  We got it all wired up and the battery into a little battery box we made up out of ply and covered in carpet.  Only have to connect up the batteries once all the electric are done. I will try to get some pictures up later on.


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