A Window Into The Past ..err Van

Recently it’s been raining like someone is building an ark and means to use it so we have struggled to get much work done on the van but today it stayed dry for once and we were able to get a window installed in the sliding door of the van. I had made the inner filler frame last week when we had a brief dry period and today we got stuck in doing the first really scary job on the van. In the end it turned out to be quite easy but it is very nerve-racking to start. The destructions say to drill holes in the corner with a 12mm radius but I have heard many people dont bother and just cut square corners. I decided that it seemed a good idea to have radius corners for two reasons; first it means there is less chance of leaks in the corners and second I think it will leave the metal stronger and less likely to crack at the stress point. I didn’t have a 24mm hole saw so I used a 22mm one instead, I figured 1mm would not make any difference and it didn’t. I cut the panel out with a jigsaw and a fine metal blade which makes a lot of swarf which had to be cleaned up so after fitting swept everything very well then vacuumed in every nook and cranny then washed the outside of the sliding door to make sure there were no little bits of metal that would rust and stain the paint. I also painted the bare metal edge of the hole with red oxide primer to prevent it from rusting. Anyway here are some pictures of our handy work. Once again thanks to Steve for coming around to help as this was definitely a two man job.



2 thoughts on “A Window Into The Past ..err Van

  1. ellisboy says:

    Nice work Chap !

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