In Search of

Believe it or not I have been planning this build for over a year. I started off with a plan to buy a cheap, much older van for around £2000 and put another £3500 in it converting it but as time went by and I thought about what I wanted I started leaning towards something a little newer. I didn’t want to spend months working on a van and at the end of it all have something which wouldn’t make me feel like going camping with my family. I had auto searches on ebay for almost a year but nothing quite caught my eye until this van came along. Firstly it was already partially converted with Grey Waste and Fresh Water tanks as well as an LPG tank already installed under the van and the interior Fooring and insulation pretty much complete. It also had 2 roof lights installed and Vinyl on the side window areas to help blend in any windows and make it look more like a campervan. The pictures below show what the van was like when I collected it.




In the beginning …

… was the panel van and the panel van is now mine and the panel van is ready to convert. Welcome to my Self Build Campervan blog. I would like to introduce Vinny, he’s my van. I didn’t name him, he was named by the previous owner and his wife who had planned to convert him to a campervan themselves but in the end he wound up with me. His full name is Vinny VanDiesel hence the name of the blog. I am going to stop referring to the van as him now. I shall be adding pictures and updates when I get a chance.