Magic Carpet Ride Part 2

Well its been a while since my last update, I have been busy trying to get as much done to the van as possible in the short time I have with work and the weather getting in the way. Also my right hand man has decided to go off on Holiday for two weeks, alright for some. Anyway, since my last post we been doing a lot of trim work, carpeting plywood panels and other bits of the van. We have put part of the ceiling back up, all the insulation is back in and I have put in the BBQ gas outlet and the Satellite inlet points. I have a little bit of carpet to do around the sliding door as you can see in the pictures below. The other places where there is no carpet on the walls will be behind other things like the kitchen unit and the bathroom. Also, we also notice the large roof light was leaking a bit like the small one had so I removed it and completely resealed it using butyl rubber sealant and PVC shims which appears to have fixed the problem as we’ve seen no leaks yet and it has been raining a lot.

Quick update: Today I trimmed around the door at started putting the front ceiling up then it started raining again. It looks good though so tomorrow, weather permitting, I will finish the front ceiling and maybe make a start on the final bit of carpeting above the cab. It’s not a necessity but as I have a bit of carpet left it will just finish that area off.


Magic Carpet Ride

Over the last couple days We have been working on getting some of wall panels cut for the van, I decided to tackle the sliding door first, it turned out to be a much bigger job that I expected. Not really hard to do but very time consuming. Getting everything to fit and look right is what takes the time.  I am not going to go into the whole process as it is quite boring but basically involves a jigsaw and a lot of patience. Here is a picture of where we got to today. Tomorrow we are going to finish it and I will post a short update to show the finished result.

You put your left seat in, you take your left seat out…

Steve and I tackled the Split Charge Electrics today. This involved taking both seats out to run the wires under the floor padding which we had to channel out in places. Once we had the wires where we wanted them we put both seats back in, then discovered that we had forgotten one wire and had to take the passenger seat out again.  Once we got the wire run we thought about whether there was anything else we had forgotten and decided there wasn’t so we put the seat back in. A couple minute later we realised we had forgotten another wire so out the seat came again.  After playing the hokey cokey with the seats we got all the relays and fuses attached to a bit of ply which we had cut and painted to attach to the back of the passenger seat frame.  We got it all wired up and the battery into a little battery box we made up out of ply and covered in carpet.  Only have to connect up the batteries once all the electric are done. I will try to get some pictures up later on.

A Window Into The Past ..err Van Part 2

The plan on Thursday was to put the second window in the van but the rain had other ideas. We got the van marked up to cut the hole and managed the two horizontal cuts when the rain came. I quickly covered the cuts with Duct Tape and finished for the night. Friday after work there was no chance of rain so we were able to finish the window installation in no time at all.

A Window Into The Past ..err Van

Recently it’s been raining like someone is building an ark and means to use it so we have struggled to get much work done on the van but today it stayed dry for once and we were able to get a window installed in the sliding door of the van. I had made the inner filler frame last week when we had a brief dry period and today we got stuck in doing the first really scary job on the van. In the end it turned out to be quite easy but it is very nerve-racking to start. The destructions say to drill holes in the corner with a 12mm radius but I have heard many people dont bother and just cut square corners. I decided that it seemed a good idea to have radius corners for two reasons; first it means there is less chance of leaks in the corners and second I think it will leave the metal stronger and less likely to crack at the stress point. I didn’t have a 24mm hole saw so I used a 22mm one instead, I figured 1mm would not make any difference and it didn’t. I cut the panel out with a jigsaw and a fine metal blade which makes a lot of swarf which had to be cleaned up so after fitting swept everything very well then vacuumed in every nook and cranny then washed the outside of the sliding door to make sure there were no little bits of metal that would rust and stain the paint. I also painted the bare metal edge of the hole with red oxide primer to prevent it from rusting. Anyway here are some pictures of our handy work. Once again thanks to Steve for coming around to help as this was definitely a two man job.


Fiddling With The Roof

Well, with most of the electrical wiring done I wanted to start getting some of the ply on so Friday night my mate Steve came over to help and we put the ply lining up on the roof. If yu look toward the front over the sliding door you will see we also put some ply over the door, hopefully this will make it easier to carpet in that area and give it a nicer finish, time will tell.